Welcome to Bitcratic (BCT)

What is Bitcratic

Since inception of the Blockchain Centralized Crypto Exchanges are dominating the crypto market and more than 95% transactions are taking place in such exchange. The objective of the Blockchain is to decentralize the world. Bitcratic is here to empower the decentralized exchange. Bitcratic is a decentralized exchange for ERC 20 Tokens.Bitcratic use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.

  1. Token Name: Bitcratic
  2. Token Symbol: BCT
  3. Total Supply: 88,000,000
  4. Token Contract: 0x9ec251401eafb7e98f37a1d911c0aea02cb63a80

Video Campaign

Video Campaign
  • 101 to 1000 Subscriber = 500 BCT
  • 1001 to 5000 Subscriber = 1000 BCT
  • 5001 to 10000 Subscriber = 1500 BCT
  • 10001 to 30000 Subscriber = 2000 BCT
  • 30001 to 50000 Subscriber = 3000 BCT
  • 50001 to 100000 Subscriber = 4000 BCT

Rule and Regulation for Video
  • Videos must be at least 4 min long.
  • Videos must not be negative or offensive.
  • Videos must include at least a link to the Bitcratic
  • Publish on Youtube or Vimeo
Video Subject
  • How to deposit token on Bitcratic with metamask
  • How to deposit token on Bitcratic without metamask
  • How to connect metamask ledger account on Bitcratic
  • How to withdrawal token on Bitcratic
  • How to cancel your order on Bitcratic
  • How to increase and decrease gas fee on Bitcratic
  • How to trade on Bitcratic

  • How to participate: Fill the form https://bit.ly/2m7WRD9
    Once this is done please Email us with full details on [email protected]

Articles/Reviews Campaign

(Reddit, Steemit, Medium, Quora, personal/any Blog)

You can share your article across multiple platforms including your own blog. You will receive BCT Token for certain platforms as well as word count.

  • 250+ Words = 250 BCT
  • 500+ Words = 400 BCT
  • 1000+ Words = 800 BCT
  • 1500+ Words = 1100 BCT
Quality Score
  • Low quality: 0% Extra
  • Medium quality: 100 BCT Extra
  • High quality: 200 BCT Extra
Rule and regulations of Blog/Article
  • Article/Blog/Post must be about a relevant topic to Bitcratic in any language.
  • The blog/post/article must not be offensive or negative.
  • The content must be created by you, Content should be genuine, well researched and 100% fresh.
  • The content must link to the Bitcratic Exchange.

  • How to participate: Fill the form https://bit.ly/2k6KmHb
    Once this is done please Email us with full details on [email protected]