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About Bitcratic

Since inception of the Blockchain Centralized Crypto Exchanges are dominating the crypto market and more than 95% transactions are taking place in such exchange. The objective of the Blockchain is to decentralize the world. Bitcratic is here to empower the decentralized exchange. Bitcratic is a decentralized exchange for ERC 20 Tokens.Bitcratic use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.

  1. Token Name: Bitcratic
  2. Token Symbol: BCT
  3. Total Supply: 88,000,000
  4. Token Contract: 0x9ec251401eafb7e98f37a1d911c0aea02cb63a80

DEX User Reward System 500 BCT


To motivate peoples to use Decentralized Exchanges, Bitcratic have comeup with Reward system.

We have Kept 10% of Total Supply of BCT Tokens ( 8.8 Millions BCT) to peoples who trade on any Decentralized Exchanges, so if you are any Decentralized Exchange traders, we will give good number of BCT Tokens to you. Number of Tokens will depend upon the number of Transactions you do in a month on any Decentralized Exchanges

  • Above 100 Transactions on any Decentralized Exchange — 500 BCT
  • 35 to 100 Transactions on any Decentralized Exchange — 300 BCT
  • 20 to 34 Transactions on any Decentralized Exchange — 150 BCT
  • 10 to 20 Transactions on any Decentralized Exchange — 100 BCT

BCT token is listed on bitcratic :- https://www.bitcratic.com/#!/trade/BCT-ETH

Transaction mean — Deposit, Withdrawal, Trade
So if you are Decentralized Exchange Traders, Submit your wallet https://bit.ly/2kpMvOB

Bitcratic Traders Weekly Reward


Bitcratic have come-up with reward system for Token Holders where you can earn good number of BCT token every week, all you have to do is

Place Buy Order-
  • Deposit ETH to Bitcratic Smart contract
  • Place buy order on any Token listed at Bitcratic and also listed on CoinMarketcap, buy order should be at least 50$ worth, buy order price should not be less than 25% of Actual price
  • you can place buy order on multiple tokens, we will pay 75 BCT per week on Each Token buy order
Place Sell Order –
  • Deposit any Token to Bitcratic Smart contract
  • Place Sell Order, We will pay 125 BCT per week for 1 Token Sell Order ( token must be listed on CoinMarketCap and should be worth more than $50 and it should also listed on Bitcratic)
  • Token Sell order should not be more than 25% of current price, you can place sell order on multiple tokens,
  • You will get 125 BCT per week each token sell order at Bitcratic
  • Any sell order executed we will consider for eligible for 125 BCT token

you can start any day/any time. Just submit form here https://forms.gle/tiwA7dwmcrjTvZb67

Hold your BCT and get equal amount of BCT


It is pleasure to announce Buy and Hold Reward program, where if you buy and hold more than 1000 BCT in your wallet and get equal amount of BCT
We will send you equal number of token to your wallet.
Example:- If you have bought 2000 BCT and if you hold at least a week , you will get additional 2000 BCT from us.
Note:- You must buy BCT from Bitcratic.com to be eligible for 100% bonus.

Video Campaign 8000 BCT

Video Campaign
  • Below 100 Subscriber = 500 BCT
  • 101 to 1000 Subscriber = 1000 BCT
  • 1001 to 3000 Subscriber = 1500 BCT
  • 3001 to 6000 Subscriber = 2000 BCT
  • 6001 to 10000 Subscriber = 3000 BCT
  • 10001 to 20000 Subscriber = 4000 BCT
  • 20001 to 50000 Subscriber = 6000 BCT
  • Above 50000 Subscriber = 8000 BCT
Rule and Regulation for Video
  • Videos must be at least 4 min long.
  • Videos must not be negative or offensive.
  • Videos must include at least a link to the Bitcratic
  • Publish on Youtube or Vimeo
Video Subject
  • How to deposit token on Bitcratic with metamask
  • How to deposit token on Bitcratic without metamask
  • How to connect metamask ledger account on Bitcratic
  • How to withdrawal token on Bitcratic
  • How to cancel your order on Bitcratic
  • How to increase and decrease gas fee on Bitcratic
  • How to trade on Bitcratic

  • How to participate: Fill the form https://bit.ly/2m7WRD9
    Once this is done please Email us with full details on [email protected]

Articles/Reviews Campaign 8000 BCT

(Reddit, Steemit, Medium, Quora, personal/any Blog)

You can share your article across multiple platforms including your own blog. You will receive BCT Token for certain platforms as well as word count.

  • 250+ Words = 250 BCT
  • 500+ Words = 400 BCT
  • 1000+ Words = 800 BCT
  • 1500+ Words = 1100 BCT
Quality Score
  • Low quality: 0% Extra
  • Medium quality: 100 BCT Extra
  • High quality: 200 BCT Extra
Rule and regulations of Blog/Article
  • Article/Blog/Post must be about a relevant topic to Bitcratic in any language.
  • The blog/post/article must not be offensive or negative.
  • The content must be created by you, Content should be genuine, well researched and 100% fresh.
  • The content must link to the Bitcratic Exchange.

  • How to participate: Fill the form https://bit.ly/2k6KmHb
    Once this is done please Email us with full details on [email protected]


The majority of the operations are being handled directly on the blockchain. Most importantly, a trader never has to let go of the ownership of their tokens, enabling the whole system to deal with money transfers and execute trades in a trustless manner.

Bitcratic Advantages

  1. Funds are kept in Smart contract linked to the users account; therefore the user is the only person who has access of funds. That makes a Bitcratic more resistant to hacking than a centralized exchange.
  2. Bitcratic operates through a variety of nodes, so there is no server which can go down or get hacked.
  3. Bitcratic provides a higher degree of privacy, because there is no data shared with the exchange operator.
  4. The users keep control of their funds in their own account.