How to trade on bitcratic

Bitcratic is Ethereum and binance Smart Chain based Decentralized Exchange(Here we will cover Ethereum version) You don’t need to Register/Login to Trade. You can just Meta Mask, MEW or Legder Neno to trade. We recommend to use Meta Mask. you can trade any ERC20 Token on Bitcratic, not needed to be officially listed, you can Access your Token through Token Contract

Connect your Wallet with Bitcratic through Meta Mask

Connecting through Meta Mask

1. Login to Meta Mask

2. Connect Meta Mask from top right section. Select the Meta mask wallet.

Make sure you have right address seclected in Meta mask, Meta mask can store multiple address so you need to select the address which have token/ETH which you want to trade

You can select the right ERC20 Address from here, currently "Main" address is selected.

Once Meta Mask is connected, you can see the balance of Token/ETH in your wallet. Let say I want to trade BAT, I will go to BAT trading page!/trade/BAT-ETH

Connect your Wallet through Private Key

Deposit ETH/Token to Bitcratic Smart Contract

Since now your ERC-20 Address is connected with Bitcratic, you can deposit Token/ETH to Bitcratic Smart contract for Trading.

Deposit and withdraw can be done from here

For all transactin you will need to pay gas fees which is paid direcly to miners. We only charge on sucessful trade. always check current gas price from here ,you can change the gas fees from top right section. Gas Price - Set Gas price

Here are Bitcratic fees
  • Deposit ETH or Token – Free
  • Witdraw ETH or Token – Free
  • Maker (who Place order) – Free
  • Maker (who Execute order) – 0.3%

After you deposit ETH or Token. the balance will be seen below Bitcratic in top left block and you will be able to place buy or sell order, as well as sell directly

Place Buy/Sell Order

Now you can place buy as well as sell order ( you need to sign contract through Meta Mask)

Placing Sell Order

Buy/Sell Instant

If you want to buy or sell directly. Just click to the existing order and execute it from here

Buying BAT directly from existing sell order

Orders which is in Red are sell Order and Order which is in Green are buy order

If you want to buy BAT, you need to execute order’s in red, check the lowest price order and buy, you can adjust the token number, price will change accordingly. Same way you can sell token too.

Withdraw ETH/Token

you can withdraw ETH and Tokens from here

You can cancel order from here

How to change Gas Fees

You can set gas price from here for all trading on Bitcratic. You can check current gas price from here if you are paying STANDARD price, the transaction should comple witin 5 mins

You can also change gas price from Meta Mask for each transaction

Access your Token through Token Contract.

Go to

It will look like