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Every Monday we pickup most voted token. One Project is selected for listing on Bitcratic, 100 BCT = 1 Vote, 200 BCT = 2 votes, 10000 BCT = 100 Votes , you can buy BCT from HERE. Minimum 100 votes required to be considered.

All you have to do is send 100, 200,1000 or any amount BCT to Token company’s ERC20 wallet address (Token company wallets are owned and controlled by Token Company)

Symbol Token Name Website BCT Holding Total votes Token company’s wallet address Vote now
ARCG Arch Crypton Game Website 100 1 0x4102B2500EB39AE53a07ee4ee85e32F14F545584
FLEX FLEX Website 100 1 0xA06ECFc031c6f47C5e671e2333C817E017777986
KOI KOI Website 0 0x0684BCb09A0F2B79521b35703b0B38cF50887084
GRG Rigo Token Website 5905 59 0xd17dcAC541274254516D118aa00dAA62240e3f4a
ACA Acash Coin Website 0 0x725d3b7dF6BB7CD00e98B791c4F04E4B2cEAd31f
XRM Refine Medium Token Website 0 0x5E1918a9299C31D8C4cD133615a9e1e6E2f4F9c1
CRAD CRAD CASH Website 0 0x731b5093f6902ea640d0982b50af4b36fe466763
LTE Littrade Website 0 0x087010d7cf3c8beee0dbaea570b8175a3d02ca59
TXC TenXcoin Website 0 0x58ff48a9d8674c06a177cea4283d170e2e197fe6
AZUM Azuma coin Website 0 0x5C0FcFce27926048994f0C442feeF42eFc0aBf5A
XRPC XRP CLASSIC Website 0 0x634B69e82E9a2e37c58bEd878233017372B1033d
EVC EventChain Token Website 0 0xa1163E67c17eA2f2C7a448329AB63403731E5183
WFC Work Force Coin Website 0 0x73bebe193a1f8b58c2c5b7989c1271cf28c99a44
YAP Yaapoo Website 0 0x0eed4ecefaf4aaf0170197e62f2297fc4cb550b9
NCA Nuclear Website 0 0xd06dBc4D62424e02E09E9294D7567b35B1f7654c
GEN Genesis Website 0 0xB5a1ae0Ba566E15f80542750be178477c0B4A90A
XSAP xSapphire Website 2272 23 0x0FaC0Db48FAd333cAA32F0ac8eEefA656C4f1fC5
NLM NUCLUM Website 0 0x0A60a7F090eA4E3eF53792c61C81cCbFfA2789D9
NXX Nexxuscoin Website 9500 95 0x75170A78Fa6512a295658bF7b62c2994111EE42a
CHL Chellecoin Website 1800 18 0x5594eC681B6b52d64426939Eb6b4A2D0a57122Cc
IRX ironx Website 4000 40 0x45da677B58f8e8e1281d4220E0123dA04A1094D2
BALI BALI COIN Website 0 0x40f09477e459c9596b1f7029ae893bb04302f403
APX APEX Website 0 0x6705120db9Fb682deC120cDEcC8220385D25fC50
IDN Indonesian Project Website 0 0x3ee71D4aE6bDc9F2040e8c5f32c072FB892216f1
SKT Speedkingtoken Website 0 0x86C70C4a3BC775FB4030448c9fdb73Dc09dd8444
YAMA Okayama Website 0 0x1B190707996b750ccfAD6273902ad3CE4Bc13037
Total Votes : 237